Software Engineer

at Power Plant Developer/Independent Power Producer


- Chicago, Illinois

- 8/5/20
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High School or GED

What's the best part of being a software engineer?

The best part of the job is that it is in very high demand. I cannot encourage young people enough to pursue skills in SQL, R Studio, Python, and .net. There are a lot of other languages that are beneficial, which I'm less versed in, live Java and VBA). More and more businesses are moving towards making data-driven decisions. Even though I listed my job as a software engineer, I help with accounting, budgeting, forecasting, and trading. The examples of where data is being used are endless. Data has surpassed oil as the world's most valuable commodity. If you want a job in business, you will have a much more stable career if you can work with data.

What's the downside of being a software engineer? Words of caution?

Being good with data can lead to being stretched too thin at work. Often senior leaders do not have these skills and don't fully understand the demands of their requests, which can lead to difficulties in work/life balance. The more involved and necessary you are to the business operation, the more difficult it can be to disconnect from the job. This means always monitoring emails in case emergency support is needed.

Advice on how to get started as a software engineer

Everyone needs to start somewhere. Most people will major in IT or in business. The real world requires a mix of both. It is always good to learn technical skills on your own with services like DataCamp but nothing can beat real world experience that is not hypothetical. Ask questions and try to solve problems on your own. Have a mentor and learn as much as you can from them.


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