Key Grip / Film Technician

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What's a key grip / film technician do?

A grip is a film technician on a film set, tasked with solving different problems on the fly. Everything from, how do you rig a camera to the front of a car, how do you get access to a rooftop safely, how do you operate a crane or any substantial piece of machinery on a film set, how do you use ropes or chains, basic carpentry, etc. The best grips in the world have the most skills and can solve almost any problem with their vast skill sets. The other part of it is you’re often working in scenes, working with a lot of different people, working long hours in uncertain environments. It requires a lot of patience, flexibility, and the ability to keep your cool under pressure. This profession is best suited to problem solvers and individuals who already have a lot of trade experience. People who come from construction, rigging, or any hands-on problem solving do very well.