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What's a creative director do?

A creative director often oversees both UX and UI Designers, making sure there is clarity in the scope of work with everyone on the team. Typically, they spend the bulk of time interfacing with clients and making efforts to bring in more business. It's typically more of a leadership role; you review deliverables from junior members to ensure the product's quality, and it's essential to have a strong technical background to advise designers as quickly as possible. A user experience (UX) designer can find a happy medium between user needs and user-centric design. Day-to-day, you try to search for what that process is, determine who the users are, and build a plan based on their interests to ultimately achieve business goals l. This type of role will often include a lot of research. You could use the analogy of building a house: the UX designer is the architect, putting together the blueprints, making decisions on where the door, living room, and kitchen all go. This example is equivalent to where you place the links, interaction, content, payment, etc.  A user interface (UI) designer could be related to an interior decorator. UI designers try to evoke certain feelings from the user, deciding to place a couch in the opposite corner of the room to increase the feng shui.