About PathViz

Why PathViz Exists

We’re continually surprised by the number of people who spend the majority of their lives working in a career they give little thought to. People take the path of least resistance because peers/family pressure them towards options that avoid temporary unemployment. Summer jobs become permanent, and classes get selected because they’re easy. This problem is overlooked and unrecognized; career decisions should not be random and uninformed.

Currently, the career guidance process requires individuals to contact a career coach or a domain expert. Career coaches often lack credibility, and getting in touch with a domain expert can be time-consuming and challenging. Many people assume they’ll figure it out, but never do.

What is PathViz Building?

We’re building a website that simplifies the process of finding a meaningful career path. Our database will provide access to in-depth, firsthand reviews, which allow users to achieve a deep understanding of a wide variety of professions. We intend to become a 2-way platform for coaching, mentorship, shadowing, and internships, which can benefit those seeking new careers and those interested in mentoring. PathViz will offer detailed training/educational analysis and ultimately create a funnel for companies struggling to fill positions.

Who Are We?

Ryan Prosser and Adam Yarger. Ryan spent 8 years in post-secondary school, completing 3 degrees, only to end up in a technical sales role that requires minimal education. Adam spent four years studying marketing, graduated, and is now a self-taught senior software engineer. We hope to save people from the same mistakes we made.